Home Learning For children and young adults

Written by GIE Training

December 11, 2020

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In this post we have gathered a list of home learning activities that parents and young adults can use to support their child(s) or themselves, whether at home or at school.

These fun and inexpensive activities keep children learning and give them an easy way to connect with their kids during unexpected breaks in routine. Keep your child moving and learn by doing fun things at home during the day and letting them learn with these activities. 

Argo prep which are a multi-award winner such as  “Moms Choice Gold Award” and “National Parenting Product Award” provides K – 8 Math & ELA Program, as well as GRE  and SHSAT program to boost scores and increase confidence offers practice quizzes, video lessons, printable worksheets, and workbooks.

For example, Nasco has introduced a revolutionary way to teach reading for grades K-5, called READ:IT. In this method, each child’s ability is being determined by grade-appropriate content, which in turn allows teachers to customise lessons to fit each child’s needs based on their capability.
In the coming school year, READ:IT Literacy Curriculum, amongst other things, also offers an on-line assessment tool that helps, you, the parent /teacher to mitigate the learning loss children suffered due to the extended period of time being out of school and other learning frames. It allows the seamless transitions from an in-class learning experience to a home learning one should you need that option going forward.

For the older children prepping for GMAT, Target Test Prep are offering completely private lessons, thought in real-time, and customised to the specific needs of each student.
Each student whether from around the United States or across the globe can use their innovative online software to replicate the personalised nature of the teacher-student experience. 

Inspirica has staff with expertise in more than 60 subjects, and world-class tutors that can provide you with the support you need when you need it. Inspirica offers an academic tutoring program, which takes in mind all the different types of students and deadlines, be it tomorrow’s math test, or the first draft of a paper that’s due in a couple of weeks, they’ve got your back.

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