Wellbeing Training Courses

Positive Psychology Practitioner Certificate
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Teaching Mindfulness

Learn how to become a meditation & mindfulness teacher with a CPD accredited institute.

Resilience & Wellbeing Program

Start a 9 sessions learning experience, and get to know evidence-based tools to help you build resilience to everyday stressors and other challenging life circumstances.

Positive Psychology Practitioner Certificate

Get an applied certificate that offers a variety of practical tools. learn how to offer others a way to create positive transformation, whilst you guide and support them through their change process. 

Jon Kabat-Zinn meditation and mindfulness in the digital age

Mindfulness Based Meaning Program

This Mindfulness program is based on research and teaches you two important aspects of well-being. You will use mindfulness as a spotlight that sheds light on meaningful moments in your past and experience the meaning of being in the here and now, which will potentially provide you with a deep sense of meaning in the future.

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