Wellbeing Tips During Lockdown

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January 10, 2021

Wellbeing is a state of experiencing both mental and physical health. It is related to having satisfaction, managing stress, and enjoying happiness. In this article we gathered some wellbeing tips that may be a good practice to follow.

CoronaVirus proved to be turn taking point in almost all the lives. The lockdown during the COVID pandemic affected everyone. Boredom and disorder disturbed the wellbeing. People did not find ways to just feel well during a tough time. Well, tips always make things work better and some tips can surely help you maintain your wellbeing.

Tips for Wellbeing During Lockdown:

These simple tips will make you feel well and following them regularly will help you maintain the wellbeing.

Take a Wellbeing course

Lockdown and social distancing have given many of us the opportunity to learn something new, something that we have not done before or would have liked to improve on.

Taking a course in wellbeing management or even becoming a wellbeing coach or teacher is one way to do that.

Some wellbeing courses can be found here.

Keep a Routine or Schedule

Things in order always do good. Try to have proper timing for all the doings. Manage your time for more things in less duration. Sleep and wake according to your schedule. Following the schedule may seem to be difficult in the beginning but once you have come on track, it makes you feel very well to be in order. That’s an important step towards wellbeing.

Connect with Others

Lockdown blocked socialization to great extent but it has also provided some opportunities to connect with the family members or the friends who care for you. Friends are also within your reach through technology. You can have a talk to your family at home and friends over call or message using technology. Share your problems, speak out about your difficulties, and make yourself feel better. Well-being is related to the mental relief that sharing provides you.

Value your Sleep

Do you know? Human is the only mammal who delays his sleep willingly. Lack of sleep roots many kinds of disorders. Eyes require rest. You should have eight good hours of sleep in a day. It makes the brain work better feeling fresh.

Get Information but Do not Be Overwhelmed

Keep yourself aware by having knowledge and information. Listen to the news but avoid being overwhelmed. Bad News about exacerbating conditions can cause depression. Peace of mind is a vital thing for wellbeing. News must be entertained as just a piece of information. So, do not watch the news for much time to keep away from stress.

Expose Yourself to Nature

You can open the window and let the wind enter the room sometime. Fresh air is wholesome for the brain. If you have a large house with a garden in it, take yourself to it. Smell the flowers and water them. Let your feet touch the dew drops on the grass in the morning. In the winter season, sit in the sunlight for some time. Sunlight also helps with the vitamin-D needs of the body. Nature heals the ailed and maintains the healthy.

Take Physical Exercise

Physical wellbeing is related to physical work. Exercise is very important for keeping the body working well. Take healthy exercise daily even if for a very short time. 10 to 15 minutes work out would also do good. Yoga is also suggested, being a light one and it is also helpful for the mind.

Give Yourself Some Time For Yourself

With managing every other thing, take some time for yourself. Around the rushing world, get some lonesome time for just yourself. Think about yourself and tranquilize your mind. Try to sit separately in a room and have some secluded space for just five to ten minutes. You must take time for your wellbeing. Leisure time is pretty essential in life. You should sentinel your standby time. Well, if you haven’t any free time, then you should have some. You can also sit on the balcony or the stairs wrapped up in a shawl or some cloth in the winter season.

Do Not blend Your Home and Work-Life

Working from home often makes people affect their home life. There should be a balance between home and work-life. Both must be kept separate from each other to run both them successfully. Intermixing both of them will just make things worse and fall apart. To make them work, you must run them parallel.

Stay Engaged in Little Things

Keep yourself active and stay engaged in little things like maintaining the cleanliness of your place. Walk to the nearby shop when it is necessary to get something but do not forget to wear a mask on your face. Do your work to keep yourself clean. Help do the chores at home.

Be Productive

Try to be more productive. Learn and explore new things. You can learn how to cook food with simple tips. You can earn money by exploring new means online. This makes you more productive and satisfied which is a part of your wellbeing. Discover new things and get more knowledge of things.

Enjoy Happiness of Giving Away

Try to do something for someone just to make them feel worthy. This will ultimately make you feel virtuous. Give away something to others that helps them. You can just give a smile to someone who needs one and that is free of cost. You should reach out to someone who is feeling very abandoned. These things can be incredibly rewarding and the largest reward can be happiness. Your happiness is a sign of your well-being. Things that make others happy are a source of your satisfaction and happiness.

Consume Healthy Food

Wellbeing is having health and health is with food. Lockdown is the time to get rid of junk food like pizza, burgers, etc. The time brought an opportunity to taste the healthy food made at home. If taste has been an appeal for you, the lockdown has provided you a lot of time to learn how to bring taste to healthy food. You can make yourself an expert at cooking. When taste meets nutritious food, it makes a thing that everyone should love. Nothing can beat the benefits of healthy food. It makes your body perform better and with that efficiency of the brain also increases. Your wellbeing is conditional to eating healthy food regularly.

These tips can be surely very helpful in maintaining your wellbeing during the lockdown.

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